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20) Simple ways to be~

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  1. Forgive easily, learn a lesson
  2. Be kind to all, even the rudest- they probably need it most
  3. Smile genuinely
  4. Listen more than you talk
  5. Be thankful, if you’re on a computer you’re probably richer than 80% of the rest of the world
  6. Be calm, what’s stressing going to do for you anyway?
  7. Keep your word & be a person people trust
You might’ve noticed this is not 36 things. I modified some of the list I was sent via e-mail, others I thought we silly and ditched. Take what you will; your life is in your hands, so if you don’t like something, do something about it. Be the different person, not the one you get tired of listening to talk about all the things he wants to do. Live it, be the person you want to be. You have no excuses.

19) Laugh

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18) Time Alone & Slow Down

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Our lifestyles in the modern world zoom by quickly as we rush from here to there always surrounded by people. We miss time alone to think and process. In my experience, lack of this time causes people to become unable to deal with situations and seem to be less evaluative of themselves and their surroundings. Time alone and silence removes the distractions that otherwise occupy our minds and create a space for free thinking. Constantly being surrounded by people, whether in person or the movies, limits our personal reflection. I prefer to have a very uncrowded schedule and be around very few people. Well, I don’t mind being around people as much as interacting with them. It seems I have enough going on in my head without any help!

What change would you benefit most from in your life?

17) Write Your Thoughts

June 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Writing is an excellent form of venting without people actually being too affected by what you say. I personally like to write letters without sending them. They’re not mean letters, simply ones that say things that would be rude to say to the person’s face. Blogs are great for this sort of thing too, except I’m pretty sure people I write about read this sometimes. I like to pretend they don’t though and write whatever I need to anyways. 

Journaling helps digest my thoughts and when I write something down I think about it more than when I type. The aesthetic of writing is rather enjoyable too. The only drawback to journaling, is when you look back at what you wrote, sometimes, you’ll find it really embarrassing. 

I think writing is becoming a lost art. Some friends and I write letters to each other and send things via post because we live far away from each other. Writing has a personal touch that isn’t possible with a computer. I probably like it because it seems old-fashioned. There’s an intellectual quality to writing and developing a piece of work. 

16) Eat Right

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How fitting, seeing that I’m hungry for breakfast, to have a post about food. As much as I don’t really like breakfast, I hear it’s good for my health:

  1. Boosts metabolism
  2. Helps prevent weight gain
  3. Helps prevent over eating in latter parts of the day
Fruit it is! I don’t know that I’ve ever had straight banana and strawberries before.

15) Drive Home In Silence

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Hear what you can hear, dedicate that time you have, however short or long, to being silent. No talking, no music, just hearing and seeing. Even if it’s only once a week, I find I benefit from taking time to be silent. It’s amazing what you’ll hear and notice that you never did before. I usually don’t listen to music in the car after work on purpose anyway because I like to let my thoughts settle and re-establish calm and de-stress myself. For all the teachers, I’m sure your voice could use a rest. 

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