A Bit of a Day

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

During this winter break I have been far less productive than I had hoped. My attempts at metal working have been postponed due to the fact that I cannot find a coping saw frame that is adjustable to hold different lengths of blades. I found a couple that adjusted the angle of the blade, which, my last saw did not do.

As for painting, that has simply not happened. I have plenty of canvas and wonderful paint colours, but the area is just not right for working. I never really thought about how much being in certain spaces affected my ability to be able to paint. At home, I get my things out and set them up just so and am free to leave them out for as long as I would like. It’s my preference to leave my paints out as I’m working on a piece so I can see it as I move about daily and consider it as well as be able to easily make adjustments.¬†

All I’ve done artistically recently is drawing with charcoal. Really, I should say sketching because it is certainly not a finished piece. I am getting some creative outlet other wise in the cooking department. Today my dad and I made lo mein and now I’m attempting to make ¬†chai more legitimately than with just a chai teabag. I hope the next attempt tastes better. Unsweetened almond milk was certainly not the way to go.



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