Baby, It’s Cold Outside

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

This winter, I do believe I shall make the effort of spending my days in a coffee  shoppe and bookstore. I miss reading and the lack of it in my recent past must be remedied. In fact, I may even start tonight. My sketchbook shall, of course, accompany me. I also have intentions of making donuts and latkes, mainly donuts. Coffee dates with a few friends are essential as well. What do you want your winter to look like, love?

Coffee cup



Evoke 1.)

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are times when I am looking at an artist’s work and the more I look, the more emotionally drawn to it I feel. This does not happen particularly often, but when it does, seeing the beauty of it moves me to tears. Part of that is simply because of beauty and the wonderment that something so lovely exists in this world. Another, larger, part of it is the desire that it evokes a desire within me to make something just as beautiful; it makes me want to know that I too can produce something of that level of beauty.

When I see these pieces I think             detail
Do you see what I mean here? The way the light is warm and reflected with glass, the detail of the twined walls is elegant. This is an example of sound abatement (lessening of sound in industrial spaces with large amounts of sound reflective objects.) One thing I like about these works is the colour schemes. 
A line of thought that I have been perusing (yes, perusing) is being surrounded by things that inspire me. I’ve been working on a photoset of such images in order to more clearly define these things. It’s something that I will be writing about further here. I needed to mention this because these images of Janice Arnold’s work inspire me. The process behind these installations and the extreme attention to detail is confounding. It’s important to me to clearly define things so I don’t lose sight of them as easily. I’m also starting a notebook of images, but more on that later.
I hope you see beauty and feel some appreciation for these works.

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