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Keep Drawing

Or metalworking…Cold, slightly rainy days, so inspirational. Surround yourself with the things and people that inspire you and spread light in your life.  via

Back to metalworking: I am working on several jewelry pieces. Yesterday I enameled a necklace/earring set, a pair of earrings, and two other necklace pendants. Today I want to get some things to solder mainly because I need to practice some more. At first I fell in love with enamel and now I’m loving straight metal now. After being introduced to electric tools, such as the belt sander and the buffing wheels, I began to feel much more open to metal working. Also, a note on texture: hammering is so lovely and adds such a simple, elegant look to a piece. Sand blasting is the next best thing (in the context of metals), especially when it uses silicone (finer texture) as well as sand.


We’re Not Finished Writing the Story

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Break the ground for me, I’m not home

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Breath, Ephemeral

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Something to do:

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Here’s a basic idea: Write out text/illustrations in a sketchbook then combine that with photographs. 

The text/illustrations would tell a story and the photograph combined with it would somehow add to the story by correlating an emotion or prop to the text. At this point, I’m pretty positive it would be in black and white or some form of that. It seems in general, unless you have impeccable lighting, black and white photographs turn out best. One thing I rather like about black and white is that it cuts out a typical element (colour) and allows the viewer to focus on other aspects.

This will take some time to develop:

  • concept for story
  • completing the sketches to photograph
  • setting/props for photographs
  • time
Sounds like fun!


Photoseries A.)

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I know it’s summer and all, but do we really need the AC?

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