October, Love

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You were my Indian Winter


I keep you locked in My dreams


Come back when you can


Memorandum via Charcoal Chiaroscuro

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She knows she may lose her memories. She suffers from memory loss. She’s afraid to lose even more than she already has. She draws her memories and tasks them to the wall to help her remember. Everyday is like a new story.

Sanded by Time, Sought in Love

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Soon I will have no more finger prints; they will be sanded away as the grains of my time succumb to gravity

The glass will not be flipped as I check myself in the mirror of words every morning, seeing what will change

Burgeoning, closer in this silence that abounds in music without sound

In desperate pursuit I am not left empty handed for by promise I find that which I seek

Long, loose, blowing in the breath, no tethers to hold me here, ephemeral I become

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This is one of the passages that stuck out to me as I was reading A Grief Observed by  C.S. Lewis.  I have never lost anyone particularly close to me or involved in my everyday life in the way the book talks about it.

He asks the question what’s wrong? “Then I remember.” What is it that he remembers? That she’s dead and without her the world is tired. That I relate to. Some days I looked out and wondered how things changed.

My realisation was that I missed a couple of close friends. There are different ways to lose people beyond death. They can be alive and you never talk to them. Not to mention what ever your relationship with that person was, you lose them in that way and that part of your life as well. That sort of grief is not nearly as credited as losing a friend to death, but what if for some people, it’s worse this way? I could not say from lack of personal experience.

Y’all Dun Found It

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The Lord of the Rings

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It struck me a few days ago that I have not written about The Lord of the Rings and my fondness of it yet.

The Fellowship of the Ring was just beginning to play one evening when I came home and, if you know the film well you’ll know this song, Concerning Hobbits was the music in the background. Over the next few days The Felloship of the Ring and The Two Towers played. One of the wonderful things about the movies is the musical score composed by Howard Shore. 

It has been a long while since I have watched the movies and I began picking up on some themes and deeper meanings. Thus inspired, I have picked up the whole book again to read. I’ve read The Fellowhip and The Return of the King twice and The Two Towers once, but I was not paying enough attention, I now feel. I’m only just barely in the beginning ofThe Fellowship, but knowing the movies rather well, it is quite fascinating to see where the lines actually came from in the book. In the movie Gandalf talks about how one must do what they can with the time that is given them after Frodo says he wished the ring had never come to him as they sit in the Mines of Moria.  Well, come to find out, in the books, that conversation takes place on two seperate occaisions in the Shire at Bag End before Frodo has even departed.

I’m greatly looking forward to finding other things in the book. It is a rather inspiring tale of the constant battle between good and evil. Gollum so well portrays the battle we have inside our minds and shows what happens when we allow our selfishness take over.

A few years ago I wrote a paper about the author of The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien was a brilliant man, very interested in languages, as is evident in his making of the tongues of Midddle Earth.

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