Don’t You Worry Child- Swedish House Mafia

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Don’t you worry child, don’t you worry now.

A new favourite word of mine is child. The idea I see of a child is a person who is young, inexperienced, accepted as so and is being taught and learning. The world, in the eyes of a child, is fresh, young, and ready to be explored.


I’ve also been creating a series of ‘Children,’ if you will. I so far have Monkey Child, Hush Child, and Love Child. These all centre around words that have been reoccurring in my life or resonating more than others. The idea behind each may seem straightforward, but as I post images you’ll see they are not as direct. One example is that Love Child is actually a brother and sister.




Love More, and Every Day

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I’m on a bit of a Bon Iver run lately. I enjoy so much how mellow and calm his music is. It’s so easy to make art to, it doesn’t disrupt my thoughts and puts me in the perfect state of mind to work. Not to mention the wonderful things it reminds me of.

Valentine’s day happened not overly long ago and I just want to say that it’s important to love every day. I find it’s important to repeat yourself and show the people you love that you love them, not just on Valentine’s day.




I love you, but I don’t know if you love me.

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Where You’ll Find Me

October 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

I want to dwell in the beautiful places of the earth.

The Past Few Weeks:

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Perspective: It’s valuable- Don’t Lose It

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Looking at my metals project, an enameled dish and copper stand, I could see it was a hot mess. However, in light of losing a friend, a girl with stomach cancer, a bipolar mum (not mine), a friend that had to put her dog down, and all the other tragic things that happen everyday, I decided it’s nothing to freak out about.

Yes, my grade is going to suffer. Am I happy about that? Of course not, I want to do my best and get high marks. 

In the grand scheme of things, this grade itself is not going to matter as much as the way I handle it. This was a fairly rough weekend (super thankful for the extra rest for Sukkot) and had it not been such, I wouldn’t have this perspective. I challenge you to keep your perspective open to the big picture even as small details don’t work out. Is it worth making yourself upset over? I’ve done what I can at this point for this project, and that’s that. Nothing I can do, not going to upset myself unnecessarily. 

Another thought: When we see someone who seems to be losing it, we should remember that we don’t know what ‘s going in that person’s life. Take a chance at giving someone the benefit of the doubt. 

Shoes of peace,


My Knees Were Far Too Weak

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I’m not much for pop music, but I happen to like fire and rain even more. I’ve got a project I’m working developing the sketches for and realised that I will be able to use my original concept, but be free to add to it as well. I have a sketchbook entry from February from when I was at the symphony that I wanted to use. I had been associating this concept all with the person I was with and didn’t realise how to balance all the pieces correctly. I’ve figured that out now. I can use different music, not music that reminds me of my friend, but he can still be in the project.

I’m very glad about this. I need to have three sketches, each with a different colour palette and to find those colours I will listen to different types of music as I sketch. That makes things much easier mentally. I had too many songs otherwise that I couldn’t choose from. One of them that I had, I will keep I believe, just because I like it. It reminds me of my friend and holds lovely memories.

Cheerio ~

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