Being Bothered is a Good Thing

January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Maybe, just maybe, if we were bothered enough, we would have the motivation to change something. What bothers you? Your kids spilling things they try to pour? Your husband waiting to work on his to-do list? What if, instead you realise it’s an opportunity for your kids to grow and learn that you trust them to try pouring the milk, even though it’s might spill, that it’s okay. Relish the moment you have with those sweet kiddos. As for your husband, try learning to fix a few things yourself or decide what’s really important and knock a few things off, and hey, at least you have a husband to complain about. 

What’s worth being bothered about? Are you being a good example for your kids about being the kind of grown up you want them to be? Or, are you even living the kind of life YOU want to live? That would bother me quite a bit, what are you doing to help other people. (Helping people and interacting with them is much more satisfying than staying wrapped up in your own world.) Perhaps some local policy bothers you, do something about it!

Find the things that really bother you, figure out WHY it bothers you, and get up off your tush and do something about it.



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