Your Eyes Tell the Story

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Art is more important to my mind than sleep, but my body puts up a pretty good argument. My rebuttal includes images of what I make instead. The two drawings from last night and we made a wall installation. Sleep is arbitrary, unfortunately, the decision maker is one and the same. Make art.

Break the ground for me, I’m not home

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Perception and Assumption

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I know what it is I drew, although I didn’t at first. I’m curious, viewer, what it is you see. 

What Art Does

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It can be a release, a lovely wonderful release. I read something that was hurting, disappointing, a little ripping inside. Sitting and looking at the night, listening to some sounds of reminding. I decided instead of sitting there, brooding and doing nothing I’d convert my energy. It worked wonders. There’s always a risk run though, in art making, the risk of failing and an even worse disappointment. I’ve had that happen and knew I could easily end up feeling worse, hurting more, feeling betrayed by the lack of being able to accurately portray my feelings. 

My skin is still tinted black from the charcoal I used, my knees black and my legs splotched. More than worth it. Guess ya might want to see it, huh? Well, that’s going to have to wait. The camera is m.i.a. 


Silk Sketches & Vanilla Jasmine

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These two watercolours are sketches for a silk painting I’m working on. I have one other sketch as well that is drying. I’ve used three different colour schemes: Triadic, analogous, and complementary. So far I’m liking the triadic (not shown) and the complementary. I’ve been working on these for almost five hours now, which seems crazy. It only feels like it’s been a couple, but I’m rather tired. 

The three flower looking shapes are not supposed to be flowers. I realised they were losing their intended shape when I looked back at my other sketches so I’m trying to make my other ones look less flower-like. I like the way these are turning out except for one small problem…they’re straying from the original concept for the project. It was incorporating sound into what it looks like. The more I sketch the more it’s turning into something else, so that means before I complete my final painting, I have to get back to the original idea. This is what I have been drinking tonight. It’s jasmine tea sweetened with sucanat with a splash of vanilla almond milk. My friend Jessi from Mmm Chai told me that is how she makes it (she didn’t say anything about almond milk, but that’s all I have.) Coming from a place called Mmm Chai, you’d think she knows what she’s talking about. She does; it’s delicious. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plain. The colour of the photograph turned out pretty neat, the only editing I did was adding a bit of exposure. I like the way the milk is seeping into the tea. 

My triadic sketch is now ready for more attention, so I bid you farewell! 


And that is…

August 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is a plaster casting. What it looks like to you versus what it actually is though, maybe a little more fuzzy. The first comment I got on Facebook was that it looked like someone’s intestines exploded. The next person said it looked like a cell, heart, or octopus. It’s none, but those sure are interesting perspectives. 

I built a frame/support for the clay that I used as the mold. Clay worked better than florist foam and was much easier to get out of the plaster. I’ve had it cast for several months, but I just finished painting yesterday. 

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