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This is the time of year during which mass amounts of the population go join a fitness club, vow to finally finish that project around the house, and many other like things. 

I know this time of year is the most popular time to decide to make changes in your life. I’m for resolutions being made all throughout the year, why wait ’til the first of January rolls around? Typically, I decide things spur of the moment and, in an attempt to make the most of  the motivation, start right then. If you’re the type of person that goes ahead and makes these resolutions all year long, then I don’t mind new year’s resolutions as much because waiting until the new year rolls around again could hinder progress and promote procrastination. Sure, it’s a nice even starting point, but what if you thought of something you wanted to accomplish while it was still June? Why wait another six months, or two? 

I don’t celebrate the gregorian new year; I follow the Jewish calendar usually. It kind of surprised me when I realised I had thought of a few things that I was ‘resolving’ to do. (Usually these ideas of making changes hit somewhere further along the timeline.)

1.) Be as fit as possible. Running and exercising, after art, are probably my favourite things to do. I’ve been looking at some fitness blogs and websites and considering the common want of women to be thin. I’ve come to realise that it’s far more important to pay attention to your personal fitness, and not obsess over being skinny. Something to keep in mind: muscle weighs more than fat, even though it takes up less space. 

I suppose that was my only resolution, haha. I want to train for a half-marathon. I hadn’t been able to dedicate as much time to exercise in the the past few months and I miss it. Running is a wonderful activity. I find it  a great time to recite Scripture in my head or sing (yes I’m a crazy that sings while she runs…) and spend time in prayer. 

Ah, one other thing: I  found some niftly craft projects I’d like to complete. Keep your eyes peeled for that post!

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What Makes the Sea

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Close Your Eyes, Shut Your Mouth

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Have you ever spent a day or even a few hours without speaking? Have you ever walked around with your eyes closed? Why would you do that?

Eliminating one sense allows the others to be heightened. Whenever I spend time in without speaking, I usually don’t listen to music either. Something that I notice is all the other sounds that I tune out every other day. Sounds of the keys as I type, the whirr of the refrigerator, dogs barking, cars driving; the list is endless. 

One of the most beautiful things to me is the opportunity deaf and blind and mute people have to experience the world. They understand and relate to it in ways that people with all their senses can. It amazes me when I think about it. How would that change your perception on art, music, and people? By having one sense out of the way, there is so much more room to pay attention to other things. Without my brain being distracted by music blaring somewhere and cars driving by, what else could I notice? If I couldn’t see how would my perception of sound be different? And touch, that just boggles my mind. It would change everything. 

I don’t think that there is a need to ‘fix’ people that have what society typically calls an impairment. From what I’ve seen, these people have learned to adapt and grow where it is not possible for less challenged people to. 

Go notice something new.


Be Classy

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Be classy not trashy;
be classy, be above average.
So many people are walking around in all sorts of attire and I don’t mean just their clothing. I mean their countenance as well, the way the promote themselves to be read by other people. You don’t need money to be classy, that’s not exactly the kind of classy I’m thinking about.
What constitutes classy?
One thing that jumps out to me is not selling yourself out for something that is lower than your standards. Maybe it is something that causes you to lower your standards or compromise yourself in some way. It has a lot to do with respect. Do you respect yourself? You may say yes. Do you act in a way that says this? Being overtly flirtatious, lying and subversiveness, and laziness are just a few examples of a lack of self-respect. The more you respect yourself the less likely you will be to sell out for something less than you work for.
Okay, do you dress as though you respect yourself? There’s a catch for you. Actions must follow words and ideas in order for them to be true. If you are walking around letting everything hang out, chances are people are going to jump to the conclusion that you have very little respect for yourself and are likely to have less respect for you in turn. Just because you think you look amazing (or just that they’re easy to pop in to) in jeggings does not mean you should wear them (unless you have a top that reaches past mid thigh!) I’m fairly opinionated about certain clothing choices- read more about that. In my opinion, covering up shows a confidence in your character and in yourself reaching past a confidence in your physical form or a need for confirmation from that.
Is what you are speaking kind, edifying, respectful? It seems more and more common to use profanities blatantly. It seems everywhere I go I hear swear words of all sorts spoken unabashedly. Maybe you’re one of the few that does not use foul language, let’s think about the rest of your speech. Does gossip frequently leave your lips? Perhaps just a few cut downs here and there slip. Not classy.
Act your age people and take responsibility for you actions already! I know complacency and apathy run rampant in our modern societies, but that is no reason to succumb to their lull. Who likes the slacker at work that doesn’t do his job and just makes more work for the rest of the group? No one. Don’t be that person. Take the initiative, spend the extra time on your projects to make them the best they can be.
How will you be read as a person? if you saw yourself on the street, would you see a person you want to be around?
Your challenger,

Dear Friend

November 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

We haven’t spoken in awhile and I wanted to tell you that I miss you. 

I’m not angry or upset; I miss you, that’s all.

I wish we could talk and it makes me sad we can’t.

Instead I pray for you because He’s the only one that understands. 

Standing, He Went

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Deuteronomy 30:6 And the Lord, your God, will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, [so that you may] love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, for the sake of your life.

11. For this commandment which I command you this day, is not concealed from you, nor is it far away.

12. It is not in heaven, that you should say, “Who will go up to heaven for us and fetch it for us, to tell [it] to us, so that we can fulfill it?”

13. Nor is it beyond the sea, that you should say, “Who will cross to the other side of the sea for us and fetch it for us, to tell [it] to us, so that we can fulfill it?”

14. Rather,[this] thing is very close to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can fulfill it.

These verses are so rich with promise and truth. In verse six, it’s a reminder that I need help walking the way I am called to by Torah. My heart on it’s own and in it’s fleshly state is inadequate. At the same time, in my inadequacy, He’s not leaving me hanging, He said He would circumcise my heart so I would be able to fulfill His words. Which leads into the following verses that say the commandments and instructions are here for us now, He hasn’t placed upon us something unattainable. He’s not trying to trick me with cryptic words. On the contrary, He makes it very available to those who are willing to walk according to His Torah. In verse fourteen it says it is “in your mouth and in your heart.” It’s neither hidden nor something that we need an army of people to get, it’s right here, within me. That’s such a wonderful promise. 

Scripture from Chabad.

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